Horizon Harvest

Financial Planning

When it comes to decisions about money who can you trust?

A fiduciary firm, a personal consultant

Horizon Harvest is the perfect choice for those who need help and want honesty.

We look at the big picture

You are more than your money and you need a path to achieve your dreams. We will find the path to make your money work for you.

Easy to start

Our process starts with understanding your needs, including whether or not the Horizon Harvest approach is the best choice for you.

We provide a plan you understand

We give you a realistic plan defined by your requirements and actionable in the context of your lifestyle.

You are what matters

Just giving you the map, however is not enough; we provide the support to ensure you realize the value you need from your time and money spent with us.

Start to plan a financial future now!

Who you are dealing with?

A consultant you hire. A person you know. One who answers your call and understands your situation.

Do you need a consultant for your financial life? Someone who's paid directly by clients, and therefore not affiliated with or selling any product that could bias the advice you receive? You deserve someone who is focused on your needs and making your money work for you, not on selling you things that will part you from your money.

And that's what you get with Horizon Harvest Financial Planning. We're a fee-only hourly advisory firm that puts you first.

The way we work with you is simple and clear. You bring us your problems and information, and help us really understand the things in your life that matter most. After going through these details and taking your input, we write up a summary and set of options/recommendations based on that data. As a fiduciary, we are compelled to make recommendations that are in your best interest, and since we do not sell any products, we will list the different ways you can go about obtaining what you need.

But so do many firms, so what makes Horizon Harvest different?

Our unique fiduciary ethos is one of honesty, thoroughness and education. Simply developing a plan is not enough to help ensure the success of many clients in reaching their goals. People often require coaching to guide them as they go, and we are committed to helping you know how to put our advice into practice so that it can be your basis for financial success both now and into the future. To that end, we include in our business model a series of follow-up calls to make sure your plan is staying on track.

Beyond that, we want to help cultivate your financial knowledge so that you can make better choices outside our meetings. So we focus on educating you about issues that are relevant to you and your financial situation, whether you were previously aware of those issues or not.

Want to see if our approach is right for you? At Horizon Harvest Financial Planning, we put you first and want to prove that to you. Come talk for an hour in the office or at a convenient time via Skype or on the phone at no cost to you. We'll help you understand what we offer and how it can help you.

Today your financial future is more important than ever before. As costs rise and complexity in decision making about your future seem ever present, it pays to get some good advice.

We look forward to talking to you!

Our Process

Here is an overview of how we approach each new client.


  • Client interview
  • Confirm your understanding of the process
  • Gather personal data
  • Understand your needs
  • Develop a strategy with which you are comfortable


  • Build plan outlines
  • Analyze options
  • Gather your feedback
  • Write up the formal plan


  • Deliver the plan
  • Explain priorty of items
  • Clarify questions and issues
  • Follow up on details as necessary

Our Work

Main themes of what we do or look for a specific item in our portfolio


Here are some of the items we can help you with.

  • All
  • Ethical Advising
  • Lifestyle
  • Goals
  • Planning and Insuring
On the right track Ethical Advising
Orderly finances Lifestyle
Investment Choices Planning and Insuring
Travel Goals
Leaving a legacy Planning and Insuring
Proper insurance Planning and Insuring
Retirement Planning and Insuring
Keeping our bearings Ethical Advising
Education Goals
Letting technology work for you Planning and Insuring
Children Goals
Privacy Ethical Advising


The question of Price: So how much does this cost, and what do I get? The hourly rate is $240, billed in fifteen minute increments. That may seem expensive but understand this is only for office/face-to-face time. For each hour of time we spend talking there is at least three hours of unbilled time for preparation and analysis. As well, time spent on the phone is not billed. Weekly phone hours are posted on this site, and if those do not suit an alternative time can be arranged. These free phone calls will help you follow up on our recommendations and clarify any questions you may have about them. The work product of our meetings will be a document and spreadsheet delivered in printed and electronic form. We will talk you through implementation and support of our recommendations as well. Follow-up meetings may be once per year or as issues arise. Estimate between one and two hours to give a general analysis and four to six for more complex situations. We can discuss the complexity of your specific work product in person or by phone at your convenience.

Beyond this, our view of customer satisfaction is absolute. If for any reason you feel the product in any way did not reach your needs or expectations you may request a full refund of all hourly charges paid in the preceding sixty days. With this and the free consultation, we are confident that you will feel assured of the service and product you are to receive. This belief in your satisfaction and the respect that your hard earned money should result in something you believe is worth every cent.

Contact Us

Please tell us about your needs and we will let you know what we can do to help you. By Phone 718-770-7292 or by the form below:

Client Phone Office Hours

This week please call Tuesday 6am-9am & Thursday 6pm-9pm or else use the above contact form or email to setup a more convenient time.